Internal rules

INTERNAL REGIME RULES "Maremar Suites", located at Calle Asunción 5, Benidorm:

  1. Please note that these apartments are intended for accommodation only and parties are prohibited. Any activity that disturbs the normal coexistence of the community in which the accommodation is located, such as loud music, noise or parties, and that causes the informed complaints of the neighbors, will be reason for the immediate vacancy of the accommodation. THE HOURS OF REST are from 22.00 to 10.00 on weekdays and from 00.00 to 10.00 holidays, being strictly prohibited, during those periods, any type of activity that disturbs in any way rest.
  2. Please note that more people cannot be accommodated in the apartment than specified in its regulations (4 people). The customer is responsible for making the correct statement of the number of people to occupy the apartment, without omitting the children. The management of the apartments may legally refuse to admit the entry of those undeclared.
  3. Tenants undertake to maintain proper behavior to live in good relationships with neighbors, not to make noise inside or in the courtyard of building lights that could disturb neighbors, as well as to use the community parts very carefully, especially in terms of noise and facilities conservation.
  4. Pets and animals are not allowed.
  5. The spaces in which smoking is allowed are the exteriors (balconies).
  6. Make good use of floor and community facilities, equipment and utensils; if there are breaks or damages, the costs will be charged to the amount delivered as a deposit. The client undertakes to take care of the furnished apartment, being his charge the deteriorations or losses that occur in it. Maremar Suites is not responsible for the personal effects of the customer or the companions.
  7. When you're leaving the floor, you have to clean and pick up the kitchen and utensils you've used, and throw away the trash.
  8. Take care of the key sets we've given you.Keys cannot be duplicated and a replacement fee will be made in the event of loss or breakage.
  9. If you make use of the Wifi connection, you should know that the actions taken during your stay on the floor are your sole responsibility.
  10. Price: These complementary services are included in the price of the apartments:
    1. Information and tourist documentation of the area
    2. Bed linen and towels. A game is provided at the entrance that will be changed in spas with a duration of Mays to 7 nights.
    3. Fully equipped kitchen with ceramic hob, dishwasher, extractor hood, cutlery, dishes, glasses, pans, saucepans, fridge, coffee maker, microwave with grill, freezer and other cooking utensils.
    4. Living room with 43" flat-screen Smart TV
    5. Cleaning set: kitchen rag, scouring pot, bayette, roll of paper, napkins.
    6. Dispensers with soap and gel in bathrooms, toilet paper, hairdryer.
    7. Ironing board and iron.
    8. Cleaning utensils: mop, picker and broom.
    9. Washing machine with detergent and softener included.
    10. Clothesline.
    11. Air conditioning and heating
    12. Hot water by aerothermal boiler.    
  11. Tickets and Departures: The check-in time in the apartments will be from 16.00 h. on the day of arrival, and the rooms must be free before 12.00 h. on the day of departure.      
  12. Vacating apartments: Failure by customers to comply with any of the prohibitions set forth in this regulation will empower the Company to terminate the contract. The owner of the establishment may seek the assistance of the agents of the authority to dislodge from them users who fail to comply with the rules of internal regime or who intend to access or remain there for a purpose other than the normal use of the service, in accordance with the provisions of Article 32.2 of the Tourism Law.      
  13. Prohibitions: Customers are prohibited from:
    1. Insert furniture into the accommodation or carry out works or repairs therein, however small, without written authorization of the Company.
    2. Please note that this room can accommodate more guests than corresponds to the maximum occupancy set for the accommodation.
    3. Exercise the lodging activity in the accommodation or allocate it for purposes other than those for which it has been contracted.
    4. Introduce explosive or flammable materials or substances or other substances that may cause damage or discomfort to the other occupants of the property.
    5. Carry out any activity that conflicts with the usual rules of coexistence or the normal regime of operation.
    6. It is prohibited to use, without authorization, devices that significantly alter the consumption provided for in the supplies.
    7. Please note that parties are not allowed.
    8. Pets and pets are not allowed.
    9. Please note that from the entrance to the new law, smoking is prohibited in the apartments.
  14. Obligations of users of Apartamentos Turísticos:
    1. Observe the safety, coexistence and hygiene standards and comply with the standards referred to in the internal regulations.
    2. Respect the establishment, equipment and its facilities.
    3. In relation to the payment of the price, this must be made by the customer at the time of occupancy of the apartments.        
    4. Cleaning of the apartment: The apartment will be delivered clean and tidy. The customer undertakes to respect the order and cleanliness of the apartment and to deliver it in the same conditions that was delivered to him.  
  15. Booking and return deadline
    1. The booking and return deadlines are those stipulated in the corresponding booking platforms.
    2. If the reservation has been made through the website or by phone, the conditions specified in the booking confirmation email will apply.


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